Sunday, June 27, 2010

Get to know the wedding party: Bride's Side!

Lauren Dussault (Maid of Honor)

Emily's sister Lauren has been one of her best and dearest friends since she was three years old. Lauren has always put up with Emily's intensity and creative ambitions. She even starred in Emily's directorial debut "Ramona and Beezus" in 1991. Lauren played Ramona. Emily played everyone else.

Now grown up (at least technically), they still can't stay too far away -- they lived on the same block in Minneapolis and are now next door neighbors in St. Paul. Emily is grateful for their walks, coffee dates, and everything else they share. Emily has always loved and appreciated Lauren's steady support and ridiculous sense of humor and is truly honored that she will be standing up with her on her wedding day.

Carolyn Dussault

Carolyn came onto the Dussault family scene in 1994, and they haven't been the same since. She was the most affectionate and loving kid ever, and now she is the coolest teenager Emily has ever known. Even though they are ten years apart in age, Carolyn has always been a great friend to Emily. She cheers Emily up when she is in a bad mood and can always make her laugh.

Emily has always been inspired by how brave Carolyn is, whether it is overcoming an obstacle, sharing her talents with others, or wearing a fabulously stylish vintage outfit that Emily wishes she had the guts to wear.

Aly Keith

Aly is one of Emily's oldest friends. They were side-by-side throughout high school, giggling too much in classes, going to football games, watching historical movies, writing each other long ridiculous notes, wishing they were British, and basically, as they put it, sharing a brain. They remained close throughout college and afterward, spending summers in Blaine, MN and going camping with friends. Emily would, without a doubt, not be the person she is now without Aly as her friend. Aly taught her that it is important to be yourself and stand up for what you believe and to always be sure you are having fun no matter what. She also taught her how to serve tea, put on eyeliner, and make elaborate and hilarious metaphors.

Tammy Sworsky

Emily and Tammy became close in high school and spent most of their time at school together in choir, show choir, and musicals. They even started a girl group at one point, a la the Spice Girls, but for some reason, it never really took off. They helped each other through the dramas of high school and are still close friends today, getting together whenever their schedules will allow.

Throughout all of their adventures, together and apart, Tammy's unwavering support and belief in Emily has been one of the greatest gifts a friend could ever give. And Tammy's sass and strength in the face of challenges makes Emily love her all the more.

Larisa Johnson

Larisa has always been Emily's most cosmopolitan friend. Fond high school memories with Larisa include adventures to the mystical Uptown Minneapolis, wearing lots of glitter, sarcastic commentary during particularly dull classes, and daydreaming about someday living in a big city. Emily has always been a huge fan of Larisa's style, determination to have fun, and general brilliance about the world around her.

Emily owes all of her Twin Cities savvy to Larisa. Now that they live near each other, Larisa is always introducing Emily to new bars, restaurants, music, books and good places to get shoes on sale. Larisa is one of the strongest women Emily knows and is always there for Emily when she needs a friend, day or night.

Lisa Piskor

Lisa and Emily met at Coe College during their freshman year and became close friends during their sophomore year. They did a lot of things together: worked at the writing center, maneuvered the Coe College social scene together (not as easy as you'd think), spent many Sundays at Barnes and Noble attempting to study, and studied abroad in Europe during the same semester.

Emily was endlessly grateful for a friend like Lisa, who always seemed to know exactly what Emily needed -- whether it was a night out, a lazy day in, a cookie, or just someone to talk to. They finally got to be roommates their senior year, and it was more fun than they could have imagined. They have remained close after college, and Emily is so happy to have such a sweet, thoughtful, supportive friend in her life.


  1. Awww, so wonderful! So excited and honored to be able to stand up there with you on your big day. Nit love forever :)

  2. this is so sweet!!! thank you for sharing this!