Thursday, June 24, 2010


I keep hearing from people that planning a wedding is supposed to be super stressful and may result in a variety of horrible consequences, including but not limited to all-night veil-bedazzling fiascoes and the demise of close friendships and family relationships. I have not, so far, found this to be the case. I'd like to think it is because Tanner and I are being practical and chill about the whole thing. But it may also be because, luckily, I am not very attracted to the current "wedding culture." (Read: I will not be bedazzling anything, or attempting to tan/bleach/starve myself in advance of the big day.)

"Perfection" is not really the goal. Obviously, I want our wedding to be beautiful and fun. But I happen to believe that shouldn't be very difficult. Give us some good tunes, good food and drink, and good people, and we'll be set.

That being said, we have been incredibly lucky with regard to the vendors we'll be using. Sometimes it took a bit of searching, but there are some great places in the Twin Cities for the not-so-traditional bride and groom. And here, I will share some!

Andrea's Vintage Bridal
No one is ever terribly surprised when I tell them my dress is vintage. I guess I am predictable. I tried on some new dresses, but nothing felt right until I went to Andrea's! I won't give any dress details away, but it is lovely and I am very happy with it. It is different, but not costumey or too "period"-looking. Andrea's is full of beautiful, reasonably priced dresses and accessories. And she will take the time to help you find stuff that works for you. I also found some great dyeable ballroom shoes and jewelery for the wedding at Andrea's. Can't promise I won't be back there before October 2nd... much to Tanner's dismay.

Simply Stated Elegance
Finding a florist was a bit intimidating, but the second I read the "About Us" on the website, I knew I had found a good one. Jeni was so fun to meet with-- we actually got to walk through the wholesale flower place and look at different combinations of flowers-- just like we'll do a couple days before the wedding! And it is pretty amazing what a good deal she is. No mark-up on the flowers themselves, which is almost unheard of. And Jeni will use her talent and creativity to put together the kind of flowers we want, not just some options from a catalog. I am really excited about finding her.

Becky Olstad
We met Becky through some mutual friends, and she has since photographed the wedding of our good friends Aly and Phil Keith, and also took some great theatre headshots for me. She is a fantastic photographer who brings so much realism and simple beauty to her photos. And to top it off, she is a blast to hang out with. Just ask her about the Crave Case ® . Girl knows how to have a good time. :)

I'll post more in the coming weeks, specifically about my friend Tom who is designing our invites, and our beloved Dr. Bob who will be the officiant at the wedding!

Happy summer,

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